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Our Services

YPCI works to increase the youth popular culture competence of youth stakeholders and provides innovative ways to incorporate this awareness and knowledge for motivating young people to be intrinsically driven to succeed academically and to make healthy behavioral choices.

Keynotes & Professional Development Training

Research &



  • Positive Youth Development & Engagement

  • Social Emotional Learning Strategies & Tools

  • Hip-Hop 4 Substance Abuse & HIV/AIDS Prevention

  • Hip-Hop Education 

  • Popular Culture Competence 4 Positive Youth Engagement

  • Hip-Hop Development as Theory & Praxis Pedagogy

  • Youth Empowerment in the Classroom & Beyond

  • Focus Group Interviews

  • Key Informant Interviews

  • Qualitative Data Analysis 

  • Questionnaire/Survey Development

  • Community Needs Assessments

  • Program Evaluation

  • Technical Report Writing 

Urban Sunset


I've seen other evidence-based curriculums but they didn't allow the freedom that H2P does. H2P allows...youth to actually visualize. Music, art, some of them [students] written word...putting that kind of effort in something that is not school. But H2P is a fun school, where students actually learn. 

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