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Two of our Flagship Programs

Hip Hop Dancers

Hip-Hop 2 Prevent

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Healthy Youth Can, Seattle, WA

Hip-Hop 2 Prevent Substance Abuse and HIV (H2P) is an evidence-based program designed to improve knowledge and skills related to drugs and HIV/AIDS among youth ages 12-18. The aim of preventing or reducing their substance use and risky sexual activity is the goal. The program incorporates aspects of Hip-Hop culture–including language, arts, and history–as a social, cultural, and contextual framework for addressing substance use and HIV risk behaviors.

H2P uses a curriculum consisting of 10 modules, called “ciphers,” delivered in 10 2-hour sessions. Through the curriculum’s use of Hip-Hop culture, interactive multimedia, and a mix of traditional but mostly non-traditional methods for positive youth engagement, youth learn information about drugs, HIV/AIDS, and sexual behavior; resistance and refusal skills; effective communication and negotiation skills; information about healthy alternatives to sex and drugs; and prevention self-efficacy skills.

Youth engagement professionals (e.g., educators, counselors, trainers) deliver the first four modules in after-school or in-school sessions and the remaining modules in a relaxed environment like what we call H2P camp, a 3-day retreat or recreational setting offering students structured learning and recreational activities, team-building experiences, mentoring, and opportunities for creative expression and sharing. Prior to serving as implementers of H2P, program staff must participate in a 2-day training to expand their understanding about the genesis, ideology, and cultural components of Hip-Hop culture, the Hip-Hop Development Theory for positive youth engagement outcomes, and the H2P program overall.

Be Busy Inc., Houston, Texas


There is a 12-hour training and engagement requirement

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Check out the locations where H2P has been or is being implemented with fidelity and /or adaptations.


Contact us about coming to your city or state.

H2P Evaluation Outcomes


  • Increase in overall drug risk perception

  • Perceived greater risk of harm associated with marijuana use

  • Increase in HIV knowledge

  • Increase in alcohol, marijuana, and opioid knowledge 

  • Increase in disapproval of drug use

  • Increase in self efficacy to refuse sex


H2P empirically demonstrates the positive effects of Hip-Hop on adolescent knowledge, behavior, and attitudes.  H2P is an effective intervention for preventing substance use and early sexual activity.

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Faces 4


Faces 4 Change is a drug free community (DFC) and comprehensive addiction and recovery act (CARA) coalition. The coalition is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) via two grant awards serving the city of Harrisonburg, Virginia, and parts of Rockingham County. 


In 2020, The Youth Popular Culture Institute, Inc. (YPCI) was awarded a 5 year US Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), F4C Drug-Free Communities (DFC) Coalition grant to implement evidence-based strategies for the prevention of marijuana and the non-medical use of use of prescription drugs among youth.


In 2021, YPCI received a Notice of Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) 5 year Award for F4C MethAmphetamine Prevention, or M.A.P., to assist in preventing methamphetamine use among youth aged 12-18 in Harrisonburg.

The F4C goal is to mobilize and continue the energy and engagement to secure resources for collaborations that will contribute to reducing and preventing youth substance use. Coalition Sector Members, Community Collaborators, and the F4C Team will spearhead this YOUTH LED AND ADULT GUIDED effort to be of service to children, youth and families. DFC and CARA efforts have begun to focus more so on increasing an awareness of the dangers of fentanyl and the misuse of cough syrup. 

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