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 We are a network of creative, forward thinking,

and innovative professionals.

Our Culture

With a growth mindset, YPCI emerges within a cutting edge and innovative corporate culture that recognizes youth as valuable assets with the gifts required for positive change wherever there is a need.


Our 501c3 organization has a long-standing history of working in best interest of youth worldwide. The company has headquarters in the states of Maryland and Virginia, and is comprised of certified educators, researchers and evaluators, technologists, public health and popular culture (particularly hip-hop) experts, youth development and engagement professionals, parents, producers, activists, and youth who are committed to the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and social welfare of youth, families, and communities that are most marginalized.

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Our Vision

To reinforce the value of youth and their unique cultures in ways that assist in improving health and education related outcomes.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To mobilize public and private resources for collaborations that will aid in the education of America’s most marginalized youth and reduce and prevent substance use – ultimately leading to reducing the impact of substance abuse, mental illness, and trauma.


To transform basic research and evidence-based practices (adaptive, cultural, scientific, and intuitive) into applied technologies, special events, programs, and products that work for children, youth, families, communities, professionals, and other stakeholders who interact with and in the best interest of youth.

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