"The problem today is the lack of communication between adults and youth…a Summit like this can’t lose, because our voices will be heard and adults will learn that we are much more than what they see on the surface."
Tim, Age 20

"What the older generation must understand is that we value and need their support…We want them to know that we understand what being a future leader is all about…even though we might be Hip-Hop… and won’t be able to get there without their help and support."
Thandika, Age 17

"Hip-Hop is more than just videos about having money, nice cars, and being surrounded by beautiful women…Hip-Hop is a culture, a message that represents the who, what, and why of today. It does more than
entertain, it can educate."
James, Age 17

"My people [Native Americans] are longing for a remedy, because it’s so hard for us to receive the kind of healthcare we need, or even get the healthcare information…Being on the reservation makes us easy targets for more severe mental health and substance abuse. It hurts me every time I go back home and see the deal."
Anna, Age 18

"People think that because we are young we have no stress, but stress is a big part of our everyday lives… from parents, school…so that’s why so many young people turn to drugs and alcohol as their release. More sponsored activities where we could vent our frustrations, come up with solutions, and be supported without being judged would help a lot."
Nina, Age 16

"My lifestyle is healthy because I surround myself with positive, healthy people…but there are some youth who have no access to positive people or environments. Where do they turn to?"
Jennifer, Age 17

"Parents have to consider that we are growing up in a much more advanced society than they did, you know with the technology and all. The pressures and anxieties we face are so different than theirs. Learning to face them in the right way is critical to our success."
Tasha, Age 16

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