Hip-Hop DevelopmentTM book

Expoloring Hip-Hop Culture as a Youth Engagement Tool for Successful Community Building

By Patricia Thandi Hicks Harper, PhD

"Hip-Hop music is very infectious and a part of that youthful spirit that can't be ignored."
"On the one hand, there is a need and desire [for youth] to be taught...On the other hand, there is a need for older people to 'get off the dime' so to speak and let younger people feel their own way."

Toni Morrison,
Educator, Author, and
Nobel Prize for Literature Recipient 2004

"Anyone who believes that they have a more powerful tool for motivating and engaging urban youth should read Hicks Harper’s descriptions of the history of Hip-Hop, reflect on her arguments about its relevance to all stages of youth engagement from service provision to organizing, and ponder the rich examples provided of programs that have embraced Hip-Hop Development as a core philosophy and practical strategy for achieving their mission.”

Karen Pittman, Executive Director,
The Forum for Youth Investment

“Using Thandi Hicks Harper’s concept of Hip-Hop Development can bring young people into real positions of leadership and engagement. Young people are coming to Hip-Hop via the arts, and as a result, the arts are becoming a gateway for politically engaging them in addressing the problems in their communities.”

Bakari Kitwana,
Author of The Hip-Hop Generation: Young Blacks and
the Crisis in African-American Culture
and Why White Kids Love Hip-Hop

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PASSPORT TO OPPORTUNITY (P2O) is a computer CD-ROM created for teens aged 12 – 18 to explore issues related to juvenile justice and the choices that influence their interactions with the criminal justice system. It examines some sources for youth criminal activity, including poverty, violence, low self-esteem, lack of supports and resources, and peer pressure.

Through music, personal testimony, quotes, essays, and questions for reflection, each section provides interactive lessons and “food for thought,” encouraging youth to begin to make positive life choices.

P2O also profiles young men and women who discuss the community supports that allowed them to achieve success. As users navigate through each section, they can have their passport “stamped,” indicating completion of that segment.

P2O addresses these vital issues in four major segments:  

  • Look Inside Yourself
  • Discover Your Community
  • Challenge the Systems
  • Explore Your Resources

P2O can be used in various contexts including parochial and public school environments, libraries, youth ministries, mentoring groups, rites of passage programs, boys and girls organizations, teen support groups, juvenile detention centers, and many more.

P2O CD-ROM (includes 1 guide)
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The Hip-Hop 2 Prevent Drugs Digitally (H2PD.D) CD-ROM was developed by the Youth Popular Culture Institute as an approach to substance abuse prevention among youth. This CD-ROM focuses on substance abuse prevention using Hip-Hop culture's original arts, including dance, graffiti, MCing, DJing, and fashion. This approach has been developed in order to engage youth in a creatively produced interactive, multimedia, and educationally entertaining experience which will provide insight into how Hip-Hop arts can be used for substance abuse communication.

Some of the overall objectives of H2PD.D are:

  • To enhance knowledge and understanding of the effects of marijuana, tobacco and alcohol use;
  • To create an awareness of innovative prevention strategies that youth can practice within their communities;
  • To improve youth's ability to create their own prevention messages using the Hip-Hop arts;
  • To increase awareness of the origin of Hip-Hop culture, its artistic expressions, and how Hip-Hop culture can provide a positive experience in young people's lives and;
  • To increase awareness of the related resources that are available.

H2PD.D CD-ROM (includes 1 leader guide)

 $59.95 per CD/guide (shipping included)

$7.99 each (shipping included)

$7.99 each (shipping included)
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(Viewing Time: approx. 15 mins/color)

Most children between the ages of 2 and 6 know the familiar body parts!

...So let us introduce Body Parts Rap 4 Kids, which addresses what were found through research to be the least familiar body parts to kids in this target age group. Using creative graphics, child talent, Hip-Hop music, rhythmic movement, animation, and live on-location video, this educational entertainment product presents body parts in a way that’s creative, exciting, hype, and interactive.

Body Parts Rap 4 Kids features Hypetime, the very health conscious character with a mission to motivate youth and families to choose healthy lifestyles. Audiences will participate in an interactive learning experience through call and response communication, and by pointing to the body parts that the video addresses.

The video package includes an activity book for “Hip-Hop Youngsters” and a leader’s guide. The activity book is primarily for coloring, however, it also includes “simply fun” writing activities and the lyrics to the Body Parts music video. The leader’s guide has been included to aid the educational entertainment learning process.

Body Parts Rap 4 Kids has been found to motivate young children, to facilitate learning, and to assist in making learning a fun and enjoyable experience!

$12.95 (shipping included)

BODY PARTS RAP 4 KIDS DVD and Activity/Leader's Guide
$17.95 (shipping included)

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Hip-Hop's Influence Within Youth Popular Culture:
A Catalyst for Reaching America’s Youth with Substance Abuse Prevention Messages

By: P. Thandi Hicks Harper, Ph.D & Billo Mahmood Harper

The use of alcohol and marijuana by America’s young people, even after nearly 15 years of decline, continues to be trendy. Large numbers of youth fail to perceive these popular drugs as harmful and, consequently, are using them in increasing amounts. Therefore, the need has arisen for new and innovative solutions to address the problem. This report presents a vivid snapshot of America’s dominant youth popular culture and how it can effectively be used as a social marketing tool to prevent substance abuse in the 12 to 17 year-old age group.

While current prevention strategies have made some impact, it is evident that they must be supplemented by other tools which are more sensitive to the culture of young people. Traditional strategies are not working in isolation, and health professionals must be willing to heighten their cultural competence so they can effectively incorporate the appropriate cultural elements into information dissemination, prevention education, and alternative-base strategies. Health professionals and others who target youth in their prevention efforts must be thoroughly knowledgeable, and thereby, competent about the culture that engulfs and contextualizes young lives. Health professionals must understand youth attitudes, values, ideologies, predilections, motives, and worldviews if prevention communication is to be effective in reversing the trends in drug use among this target population. The examination of American youth popular culture is a valid starting point for addressing the very complex drug problems which our nation‘s young people face.

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