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Hip-Hop is so mainstream that "phat" and "bling-bling" have officially been added as words in the dictionary?

Over 80% of Hip-Hop buyers are White?

Hip-Hop is listened to in every suburb, rural and inner-city community in America, and imitated by teenagers as far away as Germany, Japan, and Africa?

Hip-Hop’s cultural and signature style reflect a lifestyle that has influenced trends in cars, commercial advertising, film as well as fashion?

Russell Simmons’ Phat Farm clothing line rang up $263 million in sales (wholesale) in 2002, with profits of about $29 million?

Sean John is a $325 million-at-retail clothing line?

When Sean “P Diddy” Combs launched his fashion brand in 1998, he was merely looking to fill the void in the market for sophisticated clothing that echoed his personal urban style? The label has since been nominated for its excellence in design for three consecutive years by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA)—a distinction held by such elite designers as Marc Jacobs and Helmut Lang.

At many Bloomingdale's stores, Sean John is the No. 2 best-selling menswear brand, second only to Polo?

Since 1997, Gap ads have featured L.L. Cool J, Missy Elliot, and RUN DMC? And last season, Gap’s commercials featured deejaying, one of the least celebrated elements of Hip-Hop.

Tommy Hillfiger sales increased $90 million in 1994 as result of Snoop Doggy Dogg performing on "Saturday Night Live" and wearing all Tommy gear?

Hip-Hop in its origin was about celebration, partying, having fun, etc; Never about the drugs, money, cars, gangstas, and thuggin’ often seen today?

One of the first of a few people in the world to have a Ph.D. in Hip-Hop Culture Communications is Dr. P. Thandi Hicks-Harper?

In 1985, one of the first studies exploring Hip-Hop and learning was conducted by Dr. P. Thandi Hicks-Harper?

Hip-Hop is now being celebrated in museums, quoted by politicians and studied at universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Rutgers, University of Michigan, and the University of California at Berkeley?

The American Cancer Society, Youth Popular Culture Institute, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, The Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention all use or have used Hip-Hop to promote healthy lifestyles and/or academic achievement?

Rap, alone, does not fully represent the culture of Hip-Hop?

Baggy clothes did not come from Hip-Hop but was introduced to Hip-Hop by the West Coast family?

The term “Break Dance” was never intended to be the name for the style of dance? It is a media term derived from the original name BBOY (meaning break boy, beat boy, or Bronx boy).

Poppin’ and Lockin’ have their own history that existed before Hip-Hop?

The name Hip-Hop was first used as the name of our culture by Afrika Bambatta back in the early 80’s? Before that, the term Hip-Hop was a phrase that mc’s said on the mic.

Old school gear/styles from the 70’s included bell bottom Lee’s with permanent creases and one leg cuffed?

The first borough of New York City to start writing graffiti was Manhattan?

The Universal Zulu Nation calls on the World to recognize the whole month of November as HIP-HOP HISTORY MONTH?

The official birthday of Hip-Hop is November 12th, 1974?

Mos Def was an actor before he became a rapper starring in "The Cosby Mysteries" which played in 1994?

The Notorious BIG visited Tupac in the hospital after the 1994 shooting?

Bizzy Bone was 16 when "Thuggish Ruggish Bone" was released?

The following rappers' original rap names were:
Big Pun - Big Moon Dog X
Busta Rhymes - Chill O-Ski
Rakim - Kid Wizard
Q Tip - MC Love Child
2Pac - MC New York
Large Professo - Paul Juice?

Jermain Dupri was the youngest producer ever to go platinum?

Eazy E had dinner with George Bush?

Snoop Dogg went to school with Cameron Diaz?

Treach of Naughty By Nature auditioned for the role of Roland Bishop in the movie "Juice" (1992)? (He lost the role to Tupac Shakur.)


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